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I know there is a view of accountants that their job is just to do your accounts. You hand over your books, they give you a set of accounts back and tell you how much tax you owe.

That’s not the way I see the job. I want to understand the people behind the books, what makes them tick, what makes their businesses work well, and what could make them work better.

I am glad that clients seem to really appreciate this difference and stay with me and recommend me to others. And I'm even more glad that I’ve been able to help clients get their finances in order, pay less tax and have more effective businesses.

I’ve been a Chartered Accountant for more than 25 years, dealing with thousands of individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes. So you get the benefit of all that experience. But you get more than expertise. You also get someone who really cares about the financial well-being of you and your  business, and gets to understand the person you are and therefore what will work best for you.

I am sure we would work well together. Do give me a call…


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